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GDSL lipases modulate immunity through lipid homeostasis in rice

Fig 2

OsGLIP1 and OsGLIP2 exhibit lipase activities.

(A) Alignment of OsGLIP1 and OsGLIP2 amino acid sequences with functionally known homologues from Arabidopsis and Tanacetum cinerariifolium. Sequences were aligned using Genedoc. (B) Expression and purification of recombinant OsGLIP1-GST and OsGLIP2-GST proteins in E. coli. (C, D) Lipase activities of OsGLIP1 and OsGLIP2. OsGLIP1 and OsGLIP2 were incubated with p-nitrophenyl acetate (C) and p-nitrophenyl butyrate (D) at 30°C. The absorbance readings were collected every 5 minutes in a time course of 60 min or 120 min. The substrates were incubated with either GST or no protein as controls. Data are shown as means ± SD (n = 3).

Fig 2