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Spatiotemporal dynamics of HSV genome nuclear entry and compaction state transitions using bioorthogonal chemistry and super-resolution microscopy

Fig 5

HSV-1EdC genomes detected only after cell entry and uncoating.

Cells were infected with (a) HSV-1EdC or (b) HSV-1[17] at moi 10 at 4°C and incubated for 45 min. Cells were then either fixed immediately (4°C), or the temperature was raised to 37°C for 2 hr (4°C → 37°C). Genomes were detected by cycloaddition and capsids by anti-VP5 immunofluorescence (scale bar 10 μm). In each of (a) and (b), panels I and IV show detection of VP5, II and V show detection of EdC labelled genomes, with panels III and VI show the merged image.

Fig 5