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A conserved fungal glycosyltransferase facilitates pathogenesis of plants by enabling hyphal growth on solid surfaces

Fig 5

ZtGT2 transcripts accumulate under conditions which stimulate hyphal growth and mutant cells display an abnormal outer cell wall structure.

(A) Real-Time qPCR analysis on ZtGT2 expression. Overall expression is relatively low in three different liquid culture media (Yeast extract peptone dextrose broth (YPD); Potato dextrose broth (PDB) and Czapek-Dox (CDB) broth) grown at 16°C. Transcript levels are increased during growth in YPD at 25°C and during growth in liquid water (24h) which both stimulate more hyphal growth. Highest transcript accumulation overall was observed during hyphal growth on wheat leaf surfaces at 48 hpi. Data illustrate the results of three replicate experiments with standard error bars deriving from the combined data. (B) Transmission electron micrographs display abnormal structures on the outer cell wall of ΔZtGT2 mutants (highlighted with yellow arrowhead). These structures were observed only in ΔZtGT2 mutants and seen in ~50% of all sections analysed. The outer (O) and inner (I) cell wall regions are highlighted with black arrowheads.

Fig 5