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HIF-1α is a key regulator in potentiating suppressor activity and limiting the microbicidal capacity of MDSC-like cells during visceral leishmaniasis

Fig 7

HIF-1α deficient intermediate stage monocytes are more resistant to L. donovani infection under hypoxic conditions.

Monocytes were derived for three days from the bone marrow of naïve Hifflox/flox-Cd11c-Cre+ and Cre- as described in the material and method section. M-CSF was then removed from the medium and cells were then infected with fluorescently-labelled L. donovani amastigotes prior to activation or not with IFNγ. The infection was monitored for 24h. (A-B) Percentage of infected Ly6Chi (A) and Ly6Clo/int (B) monocytes. (C) Examples of ImageStream analysis; pictures illustrate: nucleus (purple), parasites (green), Ly6C (red). (D-E) ImageStream analysis of numbers of parasites per cells in Ly6Chi (D) and Ly6Clo/int (E) monocytes at 1h (left graph), 12h (middle graph) and 24h (right graph). (F-G) Monocytes were treated as described above, but M-CSF was left in the medium. (F) Percentage of Ly6Chi and (G) Ly6Clo/int monocytes infected with L. donovani. All data represent mean ± SEM of one of 2 independent experiments, n = 3. * denotes p<0.05, ** denotes p<0.01, and *** denotes p<0.001

Fig 7