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HIF-1α is a key regulator in potentiating suppressor activity and limiting the microbicidal capacity of MDSC-like cells during visceral leishmaniasis

Fig 4

L. donovani amastigotes strongly induce iNOS production in HIF-1α-deficient BMM.

Macrophages were derived for six days from the bone marrow of naïve Hifflox/flox-Cd11c-Cre+ and Cre- mice. Cells were then activated with IFNγ or IL-4, or infected L. donovani. Polarization and infection were monitored for 24h. (A) Representative FACS plot for macrophages expressing CD38+ (left panels) and iNOS+ (right panels) in Hif-1αflox/floxCd11c-cre- (WT) and Cre+ (KO) mice. Frequency of (B) CD38+ and (C) iNOS+ in different polarization conditions and following infection. (D—I) Real-time PCR analysis of mRNA expression levels in in vitro polarized and infected BMM. (D) Arg1, (E) Fizz1, (F) Il10, (G) Hif1α, (H) Pgk1 and (I) Glut1. All data represent mean ± SEM, n = 3. * denotes p<0.05, ** denotes p<0.01, and *** denotes p<0.001.

Fig 4