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HIF-1α is a key regulator in potentiating suppressor activity and limiting the microbicidal capacity of MDSC-like cells during visceral leishmaniasis

Fig 3

HIF-1α induces an M2-like phenotype and limits leishmanicidal capacity in myeloid cells.

Hifflox/flox-Cd11c-Cre+ and Cre- mice were infected with L. donovani and sacrificed at various time point of infection. (A—F) Real-time PCR analysis of mRNA expression levels in splenic CD11b+ cells purified from infected mice at various time points after infection for (A) Tnf, (B) Arg1, (C) Fizz1, (D) Mgl1, (E) Mgl2, and (F) iNOS. (G) Immonohistochemical analysis of splenic sections from naïve and infected mice at d14 and 28 p.i.; CD169 (red), B220 (green), CD11b (blue); magnification: 10x.

Fig 3