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HIF-1α is a key regulator in potentiating suppressor activity and limiting the microbicidal capacity of MDSC-like cells during visceral leishmaniasis

Fig 2

HIF-1α- deficient mice in CD11c+ cells show increased frequency and numbers of inflammatory monocytes in the spleen.

Hifflox/flox-Cd11c-Cre+ and Cre- mice were infected with L. donovani and sacrificed at various time point of infection. Neutrophils were excluded from all analysis involving monocytes. (A) Representative FACS plots depicting L6C+ monocytes in Cre- (upper graphs) and Cre+ (lower graphs) mice over the course of infection. (B-F) Percentage (upper graph) and absolute numbers (lower graph) of splenic Ly6Chi monocytes (B), Ly6Clo/int monocytes (C), Ly6G+neutrophils (D), F4/80+cells (E), CCR2+F4/80+ Ly6Chi monocytes (F). (G) Percentage of splenic MHCII+ Ly6Chi monocytes. (H) Percentage of splenic Sca-1+ Ly6Chi monocytes. (I) Percentage of splenic Ly6C+ Ly6G+ neutrophils. All data represent mean ± SEM of one of 4 independent experiments, n = 4. * denotes p<0.05.

Fig 2