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Botulinum neurotoxin C mutants reveal different effects of syntaxin or SNAP-25 proteolysis on neuromuscular transmission

Fig 4

BoNT/C mutants are poorly lethal in vivo.

(A) Mouse bioassay for BoNT/C variants. CD1 female mice weighting 20–24 grams were injected intraperitoneally with the indicated doses of BoNT/C-wt (cyan) or BoNT/C α-51 (green) or BoNT/C α-3W (red). Survival after 96 hours is reported as the percentage of mice survived with respect to the total group treated with the same amount of toxin. (B) Animals of the mouse bioassay were monitored every 4 hours and their survival reported as a Kaplan-Meier plot. Top panel shows BoNT/C-wt, middle panel is for BoNT/C α-3W and bottom panel is for BoNT/C α-51.

Fig 4