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Destabilizing polymorphism in cervid prion protein hydrophobic core determines prion conformation and conversion efficiency

Fig 3

PrPres detection in CGNtg1536+/+ primary neurons inoculated with WTD isolates.

Kinetics of PrPres accumulation after exposure of CGNtg1536+/+ to brain homogenates from terminally ill wt or 116AG WTD at a final concentration of 0.01% (wt/vol) were analysed by Western blot. Cells were lysed at different time points post infection (dpi) and 50 ug of protein were digested with PK. PrPres was detected with monoclonal antibody 4H11. PrPres accumulation was observed from 7 dpi to 28 dpi for the wt isolate (left panel), and from 14 dpi to 28 dpi for the 116AG isolate (right panel).

Fig 3