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Abundance and co-occurrence of extracellular capsules increase environmental breadth: Implications for the emergence of pathogens

Fig 1

Schema of the components of capsule biosynthesis, genetic organization of the corresponding genes, and model rules for Group I (A), ABC-dependent (groups II and III) (B), synthase-dependent (C), PGA (D) and Group IV (E) capsules.

The schema describes the putative position of the components in relation to the cell envelope. The genetic organization describes the genes for each component and their class ("mandatory", "accessory", "forbidden"). The crosses on the boxes indicate "forbidden components", i.e., components whose presence in the system indicate that this is not a capsule of the corresponding group. The attribute "loner" indicates that the component can be encoded elsewhere in the genome. The model rules indicate the maximal distance between components of the locus (d), and the minimum quorum of mandatory and accessory genes.

Fig 1