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KIR3DL01 upregulation on gut natural killer cells in response to SIV infection of KIR- and MHC class I-defined rhesus macaques

Fig 2

Changes in the frequency of CD16+, CD56+ and CD16-CD56- NK cells expressing KIR3DL01 and KIR3DL05.

The percentages of CD16+, CD56+ and CD16-CD56- NK cells that are KIR3DL01+ (A), KIR3DL05+ (B) or KIR3DL01-05- (C) were monitored in peripheral blood. The mean and standard error (error bars) are shown for each subset. Significance values were calculated using a mixed effects model by comparing the results from acute (weeks 1–4) and chronic (weeks 6–24) infection to pre-infection (week 0) and are indicated with asterisks color-coded according to the corresponding NK cell population (p<0.05*, p<0.01**, p< 0.005*** & p<0.001****).

Fig 2