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Negative modulation of suppressive HIV-specific regulatory T cells by IL-2 adjuvanted therapeutic vaccine

Fig 6

HIV-specific Tregs decrease after IL-2 treatment and positively correlate with viral load after treatment interruption.

(A) Gating strategy used for detecting HIV-specific CD4+CD25+CD134+CD39+FoxP3+ Tregs after p24 stimulation using the “OX40 assay”. (B, D and F) HIV-specific CD4+CD25+CD134+CD39+FoxP3+ Tregs percentages in patients at wk0 and wk36 using the gating strategy shown in (A). (C, E and G) Correlations between %CD4+CD25+CD134+CD39+FoxP3+ Tregs at wk36 and viral load at resuming ART. Correlations were calculated using spearman correlation coefficients (Prism 5.0, version 5.0d). P values were considered significant when < 0.05.

Fig 6