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Activated entomopathogenic nematode infective juveniles release lethal venom proteins

Fig 5

Expression of venom protein genes during IJ activation.

(A) A heatmap showing the mean-centered gene expression counts of 472 venom protein genes across activated and non-activated IJs. Protein products of these genes were detected with mass spectrometry in the venom from 12 hr in vitro activated IJs. DE, differentially expressed. The green and red colored rows in the DE column represent the upregulated and downregulated genes in activated IJs, which are used in (B). (B) Venn diagrams showing the venom protein genes that are transcriptionally upregulated or downregulated in activated IJs relative to non-activated IJs, and their breakdown by activation method (12 hr in vitro and 15 hr in vivo). (C) maSigPro plots showing venom protein genes that are differentially expressed over the 15 hr in vivo activation time course.

Fig 5