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Complete mapping of viral escape from neutralizing antibodies

Fig 5

Comparison of the selection measured by mutational antigenic profiling with the antigenic effects of mutations in traditional neutralization assays on individual viral mutants.

In each panel, the logo plot shows the results of the mutational antigenic profiling at the sites of mutations chosen for testing, and the graph shows the results of the neutralization assays. There is excellent concordance between whether a mutation is strongly selected in the mutational antigenic profiling and whether it has an effect in the neutralization assay. In many cases, only some of the amino-acid mutations at a site strongly affect neutralization by a given antibody—and the mutational antigenic profiling reliably distinguishes between mutations that do and do not have an effect. The antibodies in each panel are: (A) H17-L19, (B) H17-L10, (C) H17-L7, (D) H18-S415.

Fig 5