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Complete mapping of viral escape from neutralizing antibodies

Fig 3

Differential selection by H17-L19 at different antibody concentrations.

(A) Differential selection increases with antibody concentration. The top plots show site differential selection across HA; the bottom plots show the core of the epitope. All horizontally aligned plots use the same scale. The scale bar in the right-most plot shows the letter height for a mutation with differential selection of 8 (a 256-fold enrichment). The “no antibody” differential selection is computed between two replicate experiments on a single library. (B) Site differential selection is correlated between antibody concentrations, although the strength of selection increases at most sites with higher antibody concentration. Each point represents selection at one site in HA; correlation coefficients are Pearson’s R. The data for each concentration is the average across the three biological replicates.

Fig 3