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Complete mapping of viral escape from neutralizing antibodies

Fig 2

Mutational antigenic profiling with antibody H17-L19 is highly reproducible.

(A) We performed three biological replicates and one technical replicate. (B) Site differential selection across HA is concentrated on the same subset of sites in all replicates. (C) Zoomed-in view of selection on the core of the epitope. The height of each letter is proportional to the differential selection for that amino-acid. The same scale is used in all panels of (B) and (C). The scale bar in the upper-right of (C) shows the letter height for a mutation with differential selection of 8, corresponding to 28 = 256-fold enrichment by antibody selection. Residues are numbered sequentially beginning with the initiating methionine; conversions to other numbering schemes are in S1 File. (D) Positive site differential selection across all sites is highly correlated among replicates. Each point represents positive site differential selection at one site; correlation coefficients are Pearson’s R. Data is shown for selections with antibody H17-L19 at 10 μg/ml.

Fig 2