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A Superoxide Dismutase Capable of Functioning with Iron or Manganese Promotes the Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus to Calprotectin and Nutritional Immunity

Fig 2

SodM is the predominant source of SOD activity in Mn-deplete environments.

Wild type S. aureus was grown in various concentrations of CP in the (A & B) absence and (B) presence of 0.1 mM PQ, and both (A) the individual activities of the SODs and (B) the fractional contribution of SodA and SodM to total SOD activity in cell lysates (5.17 μg of total protein) was determined. The lower gel was treated with hydrogen peroxide prior to assessing SOD activity to inactivate Fe-containing SODs. Purified recombinant SodA and SodM (0.3 μg), loaded with either Mn or Fe, were included as controls. The experiment was repeated 3 times and representative gels are shown.

Fig 2