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Variant Exported Blood-Stage Proteins Encoded by Plasmodium Multigene Families Are Expressed in Liver Stages Where They Are Exported into the Parasitophorous Vacuole

Fig 2

Maximum likelihood phylogeny and chromosomal location of fam-a genes that have an internal, syntenic chromosomal location

A. The tree was estimated using RAxML and a GTR+Γ model. Nodes support is indicated by bootstrap proportions and Bayesian posterior probabilities. Genes that occupy the conserved, chromosomal-internal locus are labelled in bold and accompanied by a symbol, colour-coded by species (repeated in B). In P. yoelli and P. chabaudi, these genes are paraphyletic with other genes that have been transposed to subtelomeric locations of other chromosomes (these paralogs are labelled in italics). The tree is rooted with the single copy fam-a orthologs from primate Plasmodium spp.B. Chromosomal organisation of the internal copies of fam-a genes on chromosome 14 of P. falciparum 3D7 (Pf14; green), chromosomes 13 of P. berghei ANKA (Pb13; black), P. yoelii yoelii 17X (Py13; red) and P. chabaudi AS (Pc13; blue). Fam-a genes are interspersed with cyclin (lilac), cyclin fragments (violet), ribosomal protein S6 (yellow) and conserved Plasmodium protein (orange). The internal fam-a region is bordered by RNA polymerase III subunit RPC4 (PF3D7_1463400, PBANKA_1327000, PY17X_1330800, PCHAS_133030) and YL1 protein (PF3D7_1464000, PBANKA_1327400, PY17X_1332100, PCHAS_133200) (shown in grey). Synteny between RPC4 and YL1 is shown with grey lines. The arrows indicate the location on forward and reverse strands.

Fig 2