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Cross-Species Transmission and Differential Fate of an Endogenous Retrovirus in Three Mammal Lineages

Fig 1

High sequence similarity and taxonomic distribution of MLERV1, FcERV_γ6 and MPERV1.

(a) Sliding window analysis of percent sequence identity along pairwise alignments of entire proviruses. DNA sequence distance is corrected using kimura 2 parameter substitution model. (b) Taxonomic distribution of MLERV1, FcERV_γ6 and MPERV1. A schematic of the phylogenetic relationship of the 55 species from the clade “Scrotifera” currently represented in the NCBI whole genome sequence database, with human and mouse shown as outgroups. The 55 species fall within 6 mammal orders: Pholidota, Carnivora, Cetacea, Artiodactyla, Perissodactyla, Chiroptera. Some of the species are collapsed by order/family with the number of species for each clade indicated into parentheses. The three independent retroviral invasions of MLERV1, FcERV_γ6 and MPERV1 are depicted above each of the mammal lineages affected. The placement of retroviral particles does not imply the timing of corresponding CST.

Fig 1