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Heterosexual Transmission of Subtype C HIV-1 Selects Consensus-Like Variants without Increased Replicative Capacity or Interferon-α Resistance

Fig 3

Particle infectivity of TF and NT infectious molecular clones.

293T cells were transfected with TF (blue) and NT (red) infectious molecular clones. Supernatants collected 48 hours post-transfection were titered on TZM-bl cells to define the number infectious units per microliter (IU/ul), while reverse transcriptase activity was measured simultaneously for total viral particles per microliter (RT DLU, reverse transcriptase digital light units). The particle infectivity (IU/RT DLU) of each infectious molecular clone is plotted for each transmission pair. The median of the NT variants is designated with a black line. The statistical significance of the difference between TF and NT donor median values was determined using a two-tailed Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed rank test (p = 0.6875).

Fig 3