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The Intracellular Bacterium Wolbachia Uses Parasitoid Wasps as Phoretic Vectors for Efficient Horizontal Transmission

Fig 1

FISH detection of Wolbachia in adult Eretmocerus parasitoids.

The E. sp. nr. furuhashii wasps were selected randomly 24–48 h after visiting Wolbachia-positive AsiaII7 whitefly nymphs. Panels (A-D): Wolbachia in parasitoid with different body poses, it was found both in the mouthparts (M) and ovipositors (OP); panels (E, F): Wolbachia in the parasitoid mouthparts (front view). Left panels (A, C, E): fluorescence in dark field; right panels (B, D, F): fluorescence in bright field.

Fig 1