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The Contribution of Social Behaviour to the Transmission of Influenza A in a Human Population

Figure 2

Risk of infection in different models.

(A) Possible model structures. Given the size of the Hong Kong dataset, the maximum possible number of age and/or contact groups in a particular model was limited 60. (B) and (E) Results from model X, which has 20 age groups, each containing one contact class. Each point represents one of the 762 individuals surveyed, with position based on reported age and total number of contacts, and colour showing risk of infection predicted by the model. (C) and (F) Results from model Y (1 age group with 20 contact classes). (D) and (G) Results from model Z (5 age groups, each with 5 contact classes). Models are either based on all reported contacts (B, C and D), or close contacts only (E, F and G). R0 = 1.5.

Figure 2