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Dynamics of HIV Latency and Reactivation in a Primary CD4+ T Cell Model

Figure 3

Features of HIV transcription.

Panel A. Distribution of HIV reads along the vector genome. On the top is depicted the viral vector genome used (NL4-3-Δ6-drEGFP). Red crosses indicate the genes that are disrupted by stop codon insertion, frameshift or deletion. TSS: transcription start site; D: splice donor; A: splice acceptor. Reads mapping to the LTR are equally assigned to 5′ and 3′ ends, explaining the presence of viral reads upstream the TSS. Panel B. Pattern of splicing for the main viral RNA forms: genomic unspliced full-length viral RNA (US, blue), singly spliced RNAs without the Gag-Pol major intron (SS, green; spliced in D1 but not in D4), and multiply spliced subgenomic mRNAs (MS, red; spliced in D1 and in D4).

Figure 3