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The Consequences of Reconfiguring the Ambisense S Genome Segment of Rift Valley Fever Virus on Viral Replication in Mammalian and Mosquito Cells and for Genome Packaging

Figure 5

Serial passage of mosquito cells infected with rMP12 or rMP12:S-Swap.

A. albopictus C6/36, U4.4 cells or A. aegypti Ae were infected with rMP12 or rMP12:S-Swap at a MOI of 0.01. Cell monolayers were passaged (split ratio 1∶5) every 5–7 days (when 100% confluency was observed). Cell extracts were prepared from each passage, proteins fractionated SDS-PAGE, transferred to a membrane, and blots probed with anti-N, anti-NSs and anti-tubulin antibodies as indicated. C3/36 cells infected with rMP12:S-Swap died after passage 3.

Figure 5