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Red Blood Cell Invasion by Plasmodium vivax: Structural Basis for DBP Engagement of DARC

Figure 8

A model for attachment during invasion.

An initial binding event is followed by receptor-induced dimerization, as in the DBP-RII∶DARC heterotrimer. This brings a second DBP-RII molecule in close proximity to a second DARC ectodomain in the DARC homodimer. A second binding event creates the DBP-RII∶DARC heterotetramer. DBP-RII molecules are in green and yellow and DARC19–30 molecules are in purple and blue. The DARC homodimer is represented by a homology model. A schematic for the stepwise assembly is shown at the bottom. Closed circle – bound DBP-RII, open circle – unbound DBP-RII.

Figure 8