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Red Blood Cell Invasion by Plasmodium vivax: Structural Basis for DBP Engagement of DARC

Figure 1

Residues 14–43 of DARC contain the minimal binding region.

1H-15N-TROSY spectra of unbound DARC 1–60 (black) overlaid on 1H-15N-TROSY spectra of DARC 1–60 in the presence of excess unlabelled DBP-RII (red). Sequence assignments are shown for the unbound DARC 1H-15N-TROSY spectra. Peaks still visible in the presence of DBP-RII (red) are at DARC 1–60's N- and C- termini. Residues that disappear in the presence of DBP-RII are in the center of DARC and delineate the binding region.

Figure 1