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Activation of Ran GTPase by a Legionella Effector Promotes Microtubule Polymerization, Pathogen Vacuole Motility and Infection

Figure 6

LCVs harboring L. pneumophila ΔlegG1 show impaired motility.

(A) Real-time fluorescence microscopy of LCV motility in D. discoideum producing calnexin-GFP and infected (MOI 10, 2 h) with DsRed-producing L. pneumophila wild-type or ΔlegG1 mutant bacteria harboring pSW001. Two hours post infection, trafficking of LCVs was recorded by laser confocal scanning microscopy for 5 min with images taken every 15 s. Bars, 1 µm. (B) The velocity of LCVs was quantified by tracking the migration distance of LCVs over time (n = 50/strain; ***, p<0.001).

Figure 6