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Therapeutic Efficacy of Antibodies Lacking FcγR against Lethal Dengue Virus Infection Is Due to Neutralizing Potency and Blocking of Enhancing Antibodies

Figure 4

A high ratio of modified to non-modified MAb is necessary to prevent enhancement in vitro and in vivo.

A–B. Non-modified and modified MAbs E60/E60 N297Q (A) and 87.1/87.1 LALA (B) were pre-mixed at ratios of 100% intact MAb, 75% intact:25% modified MAb, 50% intact:50% modified MAb, 25% intact:75% modified MAb and 10% intact:90% modified MAb. The data is plotted as the average of duplicate values where the absolute percent infection of K562 cells is shown on the y-axis. This data is representative of two or three independent experiments. C. AG129 mice (n = 3 per experimental group and n = 5 for non-treated control group) were administered a polyvalent DENV1-immune enhancing mouse serum, infected with DENV2 D2S10, and 24 hours later treated with a total of 20 µg of E60/E60 N297Q MAbs in the same combinations tested in vitro in (A). A Kaplan-Meier survival curve is shown, and log-rank analysis was used for statistical comparison.

Figure 4