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Therapeutic Efficacy of Antibodies Lacking FcγR against Lethal Dengue Virus Infection Is Due to Neutralizing Potency and Blocking of Enhancing Antibodies

Figure 1

Anti-DENV MAbs are therapeutic following a virus-only or antibody-enhanced lethal infection.

A. Ribbon diagram of the DENV2 E protein homodimer (PDB ID code 1OAN) [23]. EDI is red, EDII is yellow and EDIII is blue. The epitopes targeted by MAbs in Table 1 include the fusion loop (green), dimer interface (white), C-C′ loop (orange) and A strand (magenta). B. AG129 mice were administered a lethal dose of DENV2 D2S10 and 24 hours later were treated with 20 µg of modified MAbs (n = 5 per group from 2 independent experiments). C. AG129 mice were administered an enhancing dose of polyvalent DENV1-immune mouse serum, infected with DENV2 D2S10, and 24 hours later treated with 20 µg of modified MAbs. (n = 3–19 per group from at least 2 independent experiments for each modified MAb). See Table S1 for numbers of mice in each group. A Kaplan-Meier survival curve is shown (B–C), and log-rank analysis was used for statistical comparison.

Figure 1