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Assembly of the Type II Secretion System such as Found in Vibrio cholerae Depends on the Novel Pilotin AspS

Figure 4

Phylogenetic analysis reveals distinct types of T2SS secretins.

Phylogenetic tree reconstruction was performed with PhyML v3.0 [60] using 500 bootstrap calculations and shown as percentage values (for further details see Methods). Based on the strong statistical support in the division, the Vibrio-type and Klebsiella type secretin sub-families are highlighted with colour. These have also been labelled as “GspDα” and “GspDβ” in accordance with a new nomenclature recently proposed for ETEC str. H10407 [35]. The branch to the secretin SttD in Dickeya spp. is not shown to full scale. For a full list of the sequence accession numbers see Table S2.

Figure 4