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Genome Analyses of an Aggressive and Invasive Lineage of the Irish Potato Famine Pathogen

Figure 4

Breakdown of the blight resistance in Stirling potato cultivar by 13_A2 genotype.

(A) Outcome of whole plant resistance tests of potato cultivar Stirling 7 days post inoculation with isolates of five multilocus genotypes (MLGs): 06_3888A (2_A1), 06_4100A (6_A1), 06_4256B (8_A1), 06_4440C (10_A2), 06_3928A, 06_4132E, 06_3964A and 06_3884B (13_A2). (B) Mean foliar blight resistance rating (on a 1–9 scale of increasing resistance) of potato cultivar Stirling in field trials conducted at two sites between 2000–2002 (n = 5) and between 2007–2010 (n = 4; after the introduction of MLG 13_A2). The data are compared to the resistance rating of 7.5 reported in 1998. Error bar indicates s.e. = 0.3675 d.f. = 1.

Figure 4