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Genome Analyses of an Aggressive and Invasive Lineage of the Irish Potato Famine Pathogen

Figure 1

P. infestans population displacement in Great Britain by the 13_A2 genotype.

(A) Frequency of multilocus genotypes (MLGs) over the course of 11 years from more than 4000 potato blight outbreaks. The number of isolates fingerprinted each year and dominant MLGs of each mating type are indicated. Isolates of MLGs that occurred at a very low frequency in a single year are grouped under the category termed ‘misc’. The shading between the bars indicates the proportion of A1 and A2 mating type isolates. (B) Minimum Spanning Trees based on the alleles at 11 SSR loci indicating the relatedness of the main MLGs and decrease in population diversity between the periods 2003–5 and 2008. The numerous short branches from the 13_A2 MLG node reflect the high mutation rate in some SSR markers that results in intra-MLG diversity (n is the number of isolates from which the trees are derived). (C) Spatial pattern of spread two dominant MLGs across Great Britain (GB) from 2006–2008 (the numbers of isolates are indicated on each pie chart).

Figure 1