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A Novel Rhabdovirus Associated with Acute Hemorrhagic Fever in Central Africa

Figure 5

Schematic representation of the genome organization of BASV and its protein similarity plot compared to representative rhabdoviruses.

The similarity plots are generated by aligning the concatenated rhabdovirus proteins and calculating scanning amino acid pairwise identities using a window size of 50 bp. The horizontal bar under each similarity plot shows the percent identity of the rhabdovirus protein relative to its corresponding protein in BASV. Genes coding for the 5 core rhabdovirus proteins are shown in green, while the accessory U1, U2, or U3 genes are shown in blue. Black bars correspond to accessory proteins which are not present in the genome. Note that BEFV contains 3 genes between G and L; only the alignment between the alpha-1 protein of BEFV and the U3 protein of BASV is shown (asterisk). The x-axis refers to the nucleotide position along the ∼12 kb genome of BASV.

Figure 5