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Evolution of an Eurasian Avian-like Influenza Virus in Naïve and Vaccinated Pigs

Figure 3

Transmission of multiple variants and mixed infections are common during infection of EA-SIV in pigs.

Schematic representation of the number of shared mutations throughout the transmission studies in naïve (A) and vaccinated (B) pigs. Each circle represents a compiled data set for each pig (i.e. all the sequences derived from a pig along the course of infection), with the circle size being proportional to the mean pairwise distance of each data set. Seeder (S), naïve (N), and vaccinated (V) pigs are colored as shown in Figure 1. The infection route and relative position in the transmission chain is indicated on the left. The identification number of each pig is shown within each circle. The number of shared mutations between any two pigs is shown for in black boxes for each link in the chain. Grey arrows indicate that the consensus sequence of the viral population is the same as the reference whereas red arrows indicate the transmission of a fixed mutation (A696, see text). For full details of the shared mutations see Figure S3.

Figure 3