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Targeting Cattle-Borne Zoonoses and Cattle Pathogens Using a Novel Trypanosomatid-Based Delivery System

Figure 4

Inoculation with the vaccine vehicle results in successful establishment of the population in cattle.

(A) Schematic representation of the amplicon used to detect T. theileri genomic DNA. The amplicon, specific for the T. theileri tubulin gene array, will detect both endogenous T. theileri infection and the presence of the transgenic vaccine vehicle. PCR products were derived from individual calves either before inoculation with transgenic T. theileri, or 1 week and 12 weeks post inoculation. Prior to inoculation 5/17 animals harboured a naturally occurring T. theileri population. (B) A second amplicon specific for the expressed Bd37 gene detects only genomic DNA from the transgenic T. theileri. The cattle all became positive for the transgenic vaccine vehicle within 1 week, regardless of their original infection status, this being sustained throughout the 12 weeks of the experiment for all animals.

Figure 4