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Cross-Species Transmission of a Novel Adenovirus Associated with a Fulminant Pneumonia Outbreak in a New World Monkey Colony

Figure 3

Whole-genome phylogenetic analysis of TMAdV.

The whole-genome nucleotide phylogenetic tree is reconstructed from a multiple sequence alignment of all 95 unique, fully-sequenced adenovirus genomes in GenBank and TMAdV. Both rectangular cladogram and radial tree layouts are displayed. The branch corresponding to TMAdV is highlighted in boldface red. Abbreviations: HAdV, human adenovirus; SAdV, simian adenovirus; MAdV, mouse adenovirus, FrAdV, frog adenovirus; TAdV, turkey adenovirus; SnAdV, snake adenovirus; DAdV, duck adenovirus; OAdV, ovine adenovirus; BAdV, bovine adenovirus; PAdV, porcine adenovirus; TSAdV, tree shrew adenovirus; CAdV, canine adenovirus.

Figure 3