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Host Iron Withholding Demands Siderophore Utilization for Candida glabrata to Survive Macrophage Killing

Figure 5

C. glabrata is responsive to host intracellular labile Fe pools.

A J774A.1 cells expressing the mutant FPN transgenes were infected with the C. glabrata SIT1mCherry strain reporter and visualized upon co-culture for 8 hours using live microscopy. Fluorescein-conjugated dextran beads were added prior to co-culture to ascertain whether yeast cells were located intracellularly rather than on the surface of macrophages. B Macrophage Fe overload is associated with increased C. glabrata Fe satiety whereas the severe macrophage Fe depletion associated with FpnC326Y leads to elevated SIT1 expression. C. glabrata cells were recovered from infected macrophages at the indicated time points and the levels of SIT1 mRNA quantified by RT-PCR. Each experiment included 3 replicates per experimental sample. Bars represent the standard error.

Figure 5