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Two Novel Point Mutations in Clinical Staphylococcus aureus Reduce Linezolid Susceptibility and Switch on the Stringent Response to Promote Persistent Infection

Figure 3

Sequence comparison of pJKD6210 and pUSA300-HOU-MS.

Linear comparison (Artemis Comparison Tool) of the ∼15 kb plasmid detected in S. aureus JKD6210 (pJKD6210) compared with pUSA300-HOU-MS [33]. Replication and regulatory genes are colored red, recombination/transposition genes are blue, antibiotic/heavy metal/bacteriocin resistance genes are brown, hypothetical genes are colored orange. Blue vertical bars indicate the regions of pJKD6210 and pUSA300-HOU-MS sharing high DNA sequence identity. Note; blaZ, beta-lactamase; blaR, beta-lactamase regulator; bin, invertase; sin, recombinase; repA, replication protein.

Figure 3