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Deficiencies in Jasmonate-Mediated Plant Defense Reveal Quantitative Variation in Botrytis cinerea Pathogenesis

Figure 5

Development of B. cinerea-induced necrotic lesions and accumulation of camalexin in wild-type and jasmonate-deficient A. thaliana leaves over a four-day infection period.

Infection time course for wild-type (solid lines) and coi1 (dashed lines) A. thaliana leaves inoculated with B. cinerea isolates BcGrape (triangles) or Bc83-2 (circles), with measurements taken at 24-hour intervals following inoculation. Values presented are the mean (± SE) of three independent time course experiments, with 10 leaves per isolate×genotype×time point within each experiment. Points with non-overlapping error bars represent significant mean differences at p<0.05. A) lesion development (cm2 necrotic lesion ± SE) B) camalexin accumulation (ng camalexin/g leaf tissue ± SE).

Figure 5