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Deficiencies in Jasmonate-Mediated Plant Defense Reveal Quantitative Variation in Botrytis cinerea Pathogenesis

Figure 2

Variation in camalexin accumulation in jasmonate-deficient A. thaliana.

Mean (┬▒ SE) camalexin accumulation in detached leaves of wild-type and jasmonate-deficient (aos) A. thaliana treated with 10 different isolates of B. cinerea (circles) or abiotic treatments (mock inoculation, AgNO3, and acifluorfen) (diamonds). 10 leaves per genotype├Śisolate combination were measured. Vertical error bars not visible are contained within the boundary of the data point marker. Filled circles highlight B. cinerea isolates selected as inducing high (Bc83-2) and low (BcGrape) relative levels of camalexin accumulation in aos plants.

Figure 2