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Deficiencies in Jasmonate-Mediated Plant Defense Reveal Quantitative Variation in Botrytis cinerea Pathogenesis

Figure 1

A. thaliana leaves showing necrotic lesions formed by B. cinerea infection at 72hpi.

Horizontal labels indicate the B. cinerea isolate used for inoculum. Vertical labels show plant genotypes. A) BcGrape lesions on wild-type and aos plants; B) lesions on wild-type and coi1 detached leaves (left); ProCYP79B2:GUS, COI1 (WT) and coi1 leaves additionally containing a transgenically-introduced fusion of the CYP79B2 promoter region to a GUS (uidA) reporter infected with BcGrape or Bc83-2 and subsequently stained for the presence of GUS activity (right).

Figure 1