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Fis Is Essential for Capsule Production in Pasteurella multocida and Regulates Expression of Other Important Virulence Factors

Figure 5

Western immunoblot and densitometry analysis of P. multocida PlpE expression in acapsular, capsulated and control strains.

Western immunoblot using chicken antiserum against recombinant PlpE (A) and the corresponding quantitive densitometry analysis (B). The levels of PlpE expression were measured in the capsulated parent strains (VP161, AL435), the acapsular fis mutants (AL1114, AL1162) and paired capsulated strains (AL1115, AL1163), a single-crossover plpE mutant (AL1172; Hatfaludi, Al-Hasani and Adler, unpublished data), complemented plpE mutant (AL1174) and the acapsular phyB mutant strain that produces no HA (AL1164). The filled arrow head represents the position of PlpE, whilst the unfilled arrowhead represents the background band used as a loading control for densitometry normalization. Each bar represents the average normalized densitometry readings from triplicate biological replicates ±1 SEM. ** p<0.01, * p<0.05.

Figure 5