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Fis Is Essential for Capsule Production in Pasteurella multocida and Regulates Expression of Other Important Virulence Factors

Figure 4

Sensitivity of P. multocida strains to kanamycin as determined by disc diffusion assays.

The putative promoter-containing regions upstream of hyaE, phyA, pglA, pm0998, pm1078, lspB_2, and pm1818 were cloned into the P. multocida promoter detecting vector pMKΩ, and the ability of the recombinant constructs (pAL597, pAL596, pAL795, pAL796, pAL797, pAL798 and pAL799 respectively) to confer kanamycin resistance to strains AL1114 (spontaneous acapsular strain), AL1115 (paired capsulated strain) and VP161 (capsulated wild-type parent) assessed. Empty pMKΩ vector was used as a negative control. The average relative expression was determined from three biological replicates and the values shown are the mean ±1 SEM. *** p<0.001, ** p<0.01.

Figure 4