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Analysis of Pools of Targeted Salmonella Deletion Mutants Identifies Novel Genes Affecting Fitness during Competitive Infection in Mice

Figure 3

Loss of defined mutants from the input pool after intraperitoneal delivery to six BALB/c mice and recovery from spleen at 48 h post-infection.

Twelve array hybridizations were performed using two each for six mice. WebArray analysis results using quantile normalization for all oligos representing candidate deletions in the pool are shown. Data with P<0.0005 are depicted in red, those with P>0.0005 in grey. The X-axis plots the data for each of the mutants in the order in which those mutants occur in the Salmonella genome. Mutants confirmed individually in a competitive assay with wild-type are labeled in blue. Examples of important genetic elements are marked in black.

Figure 3