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Genomic Analyses of the Microsporidian Nosema ceranae, an Emergent Pathogen of Honey Bees

Figure 3

Over-representation of the nucleotide sequence ‘CCC’, common to both motifs shown in Figure 2, in the region upstream of start codons.

The horizontal axis is the distance from the start codon in bases (5′ to 3′ with the ATG not shown at the 3′ end), and the vertical axis is the proportion of genes in the sample (n = 292, see text) in which the first base of a cytosine triplet occurs that number of bases upstream of the start. Both genomes show a much higher frequency of CCC occurring close to the start codon than do random sequences of the same length and base composition (“N-random” and “E-random” refer to the base composition of N. ceranae and E. cuniculi sequences, respectively). For x-axis values of 1 or 2, the frequency is zero by definition.

Figure 3