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Coordinated Regulation of Virulence during Systemic Infection of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium

Figure 1

Attenuation of S. typhimurium strains encoding deletions of the indicated regulatory gene.

A. Five BALB/c mice were i.p. infected with ∼200 cfu (approximately 100× LD50) of the Salmonella strain indicated and observed for 21 days. The percentages of surviving mice are shown for each strain. Salmonella strains lacking smpB, hnr, csrA, fruR, or crp caused death of some mice during the observation period and the other strains indicated with an asterisk resulted in no deaths. B. Each Salmonella strain was administered i.p. to 3 groups of 3 BALB/c mice at 1×102, 1×104, and 1×106 cfu respectively and monitored for 1 month to estimate the approximate LD50 values.

Figure 1