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Histoplasma Requires SID1, a Member of an Iron-Regulated Siderophore Gene Cluster, for Host Colonization

Figure 5

Disruption of SID1 Causes a Growth Defect in Mice.

C57BL/6J mice were infected intranasally with an effective inoculum of 1×104 CFU of an equal mix of hcLH95 and hcLH97 (wt:sid1Δ, black boxes) or hcLH95 and hcLH106 (wt: sid1Δ+SID1, white boxes). Boxes indicate the competitive index (CI) for individual mice as determined in Materials and Methods. Horizontal bars indicate the means of CI values. A pairwise comparison of the 15-day CI for the wt:sid1Δ and wt: sid1Δ+SID1 infections by the Mann-Whitney/Wilcoxon test revealed that they were significantly different (p = 0.0286). Significance for WT:sid1Δ time course was determined using Kruskal-Wallis test (ANOVA) with Dunn's Multiple Comparisons test. This analysis showed that the CI at t = 4 hr and t = 15 days was significantly different (p<0.01).

Figure 5