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Histoplasma Requires SID1, a Member of an Iron-Regulated Siderophore Gene Cluster, for Host Colonization

Figure 2

Genome Organization and Consensus Site Identification for Siderophore Biosynthetic Genes.

A. Schematic showing genome structure of siderophore biosynthesis and utilization genes in H. capsulatum strains G217B, G186AR, and WU24. B. Location and sequence of putative consensus site in promoters of siderophore genes in the G217B strain. One kilobase of sequence 5′ to the open reading frame for each gene is represented by a black line, except for the divergent genes: SID4 and SID1, with an intergenic region of 1036 bases; RTA1 and NIT22, with an intergenic region of 2762 bases; and NPS1 and ABC1, with an intergenic region of 1677 bases. The location of the consensus sequence is marked with a short vertical line and the associated number represents the number of base pairs from the start codon of the downstream gene. The 5′ to 3′ orientation of the consensus site is not indicated.

Figure 2