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An RND-Type Efflux System in Borrelia burgdorferi Is Involved in Virulence and Resistance to Antimicrobial Compounds

Figure 1

Schematic representation of the putative besB-besA-besC operon in Borrelia burgdorferi genome and results from the reverse transcription PCR.

Lane 1 and 8; molecular weight markers, lane 2; PCR reaction without template using primer pair c2 and c3 served as negative control, lane 3; primer pair c2 and c3 in ordinary PCR reaction using RNA as template served as negative control for DNA contamination, lane 4; primer pair b1 and a1, lane 5; primer pair a2 and c1, lane 6; primer pair b1 and c1, lane 7; primer pair c2 and c3 served as positive control.

Figure 1