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Posted by abogdanove on 20 Mar 2014 at 20:08 GMT

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to the eagle eye of Tina Strauss (Lahaye group, Tübingen), an error in Figure 3 (a duplicated gel image) was brought to our attention. In correcting the error, we noticed also that two of the labels did not agree with those in Figure 2 and in some of the Tables. Figure 3 was one of the first prepared for this paper, and we found that the labeling discrepancies related to changes in the rice genome annotation that took place over the course of our study. We apologize for not catching these prior to publication. They do not impact the conclusions of our study. We are working with PLOS Pathogens to publish a correction. In the meantime, please see the document posted at the following URL for details:

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